Our Home

Located on Lake Street adjacent to the historic Presidio of San Francisco, the Little Sisters of the Poor at St. Anne’s Home care for the elderly needy in a spirit of humble service passed down from our foundress, Saint Jeanne Jugan, over 170 years ago. At St. Anne’s, Residents find family spirit, love, respect, and compassion as well as a means to assure physical, material, emotional, social and spiritual support.

  • We welcome the elderly regardless of race, religion or national origin.
  • Our home is open to needy seniors 60 years and older.
  • Residents are able to live independently in the residential care area and when necessary transition into the skilled nursing area.
  • We have approximately 40 residential care Residents and 46 skilled nursing care Residents.
  • Residents share central patios from their private rooms—these patios were designed to encourage community-building and interaction.
  • Residents partake in daily social activities and regular outings that also contribute to the sense of community.
  • Residents enjoy a warm and welcoming community where they can live their lives in a supportive and nurturing environment with many opportunities for social interaction and where they can fully realize their potential in their last stages of life.

Our special features:

  • Pastoral Services and Daily Worship
  • Medical and Nursing Services
  • Physical Therapy
  • Social Services
  • Beauty Salon
  • Two Dining Rooms—one for skilled nursing Residents and one for residential care Residents
  • Private Rooms for couples
  • Library
  • Gift Shop
  • Ice Cream Parlor
  • Crafts Room

If you are seeking admission for yourself or a family member, please contact Director of Social Services, Beth Powers at 415-751-6510 or ssanfran@littlesistersofthepoor.org

Our Residents, staff, volunteers and the Little Sisters come together as one community in the spirit of kindness to carry out the work started over 170 years ago by our Foundress, St. Jeanne Jugan.