As Auxiliary Members, we count it a privilege to stand beside the Little Sisters of the Poor of St. Anne’s Home, San Francisco, in support of their benevolent work.

Our Purpose: We are guardians of the legacy—a legacy of loving, quality care for the elderly of limited resources begun by St. Jeanne Jugan in 1839.

How We Began: We were founded in 1981 by twenty women who had the foresight to know the strong support that an Auxiliary could lend to the Little Sisters as they live out the call on their lives. They wrote bylaws, presented a slate of officers from their group and the remaining women formed the first Board of Directors.

Who We Are: We are currently a group of over 630 dedicated, energetic women of all ages, denominations and abilities, from all parts of the Bay Area. The level of participation varies according to the commitment each member is able to make.

Who Should Join Us: Any woman with a heart for the special needs of the elderly.

How We Function: We are both a service organization and a fundraising arm of St. Anne’s Home.


Service is a rather clinical term that does not express the warm interaction that takes places between Residents and Volunteers. This giving of one’s time may be through the volunteer program of the home in the form of hands-on work such as bed making, driving Residents to appointments and filling other needs that arise. Additionally, this may be through the activities that the Auxiliary plans (on and off-site) for the Residents. On these occasions, the Residents can enjoy a special luncheon or a tour and we also share the joy of interacting with them for the day.

Resident Gift Program: This program was founded in 1995, by our past president, Maryliz Lincoln. Residents are given a personal gift of their choosing on their birthdays and at Christmas. Gifts are selected by an Auxiliary member, who chairs this committee, and gifts are purchased with funds from the Auxiliary Treasury.


Our fundraising is ongoing throughout the year and includes:

  • Christmas Boutique: This is held biennially and is a festive evening that includes a holiday buffet and an opportunity to shop for the benefit of St. Anne’s Home. Featured in this sale are handcrafted items created by our talented members, who have contributed their skills to this event for over 20 years. These "Craft Ladies" gather each Tuesday to prepare for this beautiful evening.
  • Carriage House (Rummage) Sales: These are held biannually in the spring and fall and are an important source of funds for the work of the Home.
  • Memorial Tribute Program: Begun in the mid-1990s under the guidance of our member, Joanne Murphy, this program is a fitting way to remember loved ones, while concurrently providing funds for bus outings, special social activities, new outfits, furnishings, and special occupational and physical therapy equipment. Donations may also be made to honor someone in recognition of a birthday or any other occasion of personal tribute.

Auxiliary General Meetings: These are held biannually in the Spring and Fall and are part of a special luncheon held for members, friends and Residents. They are usually in the relaxing setting of a golf club or a hotel.